Team Discounts Now Available!

Posted by Lane Russell on

Teamwork has always been something that we have aimed to improve in the Airsoft community, we believe teams bring about a more professional and safe playing experience for those both on teams and those not. Teamwork brings that feeling of structure that games strive for, and allow airsofters to play and work together with friends both old and new alike, and today we are excited to present our new Team Initiative and discount program.

With our team discount program, any group of at least three players can receive discounts on their orders when they place them as a team,  this extends to our ENTIRE product line, including items on preorder. Anything from AEGs to BBs and grenades to gear can be discounted.

Simply message us on our facebook page or email us at if you’re interested in our program. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and include some photos of your team!


Q: Is this a sponsorship?

A: No, our team program is not a sponsorship, it is a program we offer to teams ordering in bulk to receive a discount.

Q: What is the minimum order needed?

A: Typically, a minimum order is $100, exceptions can be made on case by case scenarios.

Q: What qualifies for a team?

A: We consider a team to be a group of three or more players, however we do not require a team name, simply put, any group of friends can be considered a team and become a part of our program.

Q: Will teams receive prices lower than MAP?

A: We cannot offer prices lower than MAP, no exceptions.